Let's Talk About It: Sexuality (LEADER'S KIT)

Let's Talk About It: Sexuality (LEADER'S KIT)

Havilah Cunnington & Kris Vallotton

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This Leader's Kit is a complete 6 week course designed to help you transform your community's view and understanding of a healthy sexuality. It contains a (1) 6-Session DVD set, (1) Teacher Guide, and (1) Student Guide.
Each video session is approximately 40 minutes in length. 

This course is intended for large or small group settings and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. 

1. Sex & God
2. Sex & Identity
3. Sex & The Body Pt. 1
4. Sex & The Body Pt. 2
5. Sex & Restoration
6. Sex & Covenant

* This content is also available as an e-course.
* For information about the course visit:  www.moralrevolution.com/course