Sex. Church. Culture. Vol I (E-Course)
Sex. Church. Culture. Vol I (E-Course)

Sex. Church. Culture. Vol I (E-Course)

Moral Revolution

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Leading in our hyper-sexualized culture can be overwhelming and intimidating. Rather than gaining clarity, our society seems to be sprinting towards confusion. Churches, pastors and leaders seem torn or caught in the confusion. The purpose of Sex. Church. Culture. is designed to strengthen the church's ability to unpack the balance of biblical truth and while still walking in grace. We will tackle topics such as LGBTQ, sex education, church staff dynamics, porn, moral failures, building families and more.

This one-day leadership intensive in Redding, CA was captured live and set into an e-course with topics on church culture, porn, sex trafficking, family, Q&A sessions and more


SESSION 1: Uncovering The Problem & Empowering Solutions 
Kris Vallotton - Founder Moral Revolution

SESSION 2: Sex, Church, Culture 
Caitlin Zick - Co-Director Moral Revolution

SESSION 3: Sex, Church, & Christians 
Nathan Edwardson - Lead Pastor, Stirring Church

SESSION 4: Church Leadership Panel (Q&A)
Panel includes Nathan Edwardson, Jason Vallotton, Elizabeth Woning, Damien Giacchino and is hosted by Cait and Cole Zick


SESSION 5: Sex & Culture
Benji Nolot - Film Director & Founder of Exodus Cry

SESSION 6: Church & LGBTQ Issues
Ken Williams & Elizabeth Woning - Founders Equipped To Love & Changed Movement

SESSION 7: Sexuality & Community Engagement
Bennie Baek - Founder California Youth Partnership

SESSION 8: Sexuality & Family

Cole Zick - Co-Director Moral Revolution

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