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Date Well exists to empower single and dating women to thrive in their relationship with God, others, and themselves. This unique program gives you lifetime access to incredible in-depth teachings and a community of supportive like-minded women around the world.



Single Christian women who don’t want to be single.

• You want to know and understand yourself on a deeper level

• You want to create and live a healthy vision for the future

• You want your life to align with your core values

• You aren’t sure if you should trust men

• You can’t find contentment in singleness

• You don’t know how to “get back out there”

Women stuck in unwanted relationship patterns.

• You aren’t getting dates (or the kind of dates you want)

• You keep dating the wrong types of men

• You want to break the negative cycles in your love life

• You wonder if your doing relationships the right way

• Your feelings are hijacking your dating life

• You want help finding a God-centered relationship


The Date Well program is broken into five core areas to address the most common issues that surface in dating and relationships.


When our identity is confidently rooted in the Lord, we build a steady foundation for a healthy relationship to stand on. To kick off this first module, we’ll dive into all things you and God!

What You’ll Learn:
•  Who You Truly Are
•  How to Love Yourself


Trauma, failed expectations, and unsuccessful relationships can blur our image of God and His faithfulness. The reality is, trust is the backbone of any and every relationship. This module, we’ll work together to help build back that trust so you can thrive in your relationship with God, men, and yourself.

What You’ll Learn:
•  How to Engage in Authentic Relationships
•  How to Overcome Our Upbringing and Past Trauma
•  How to Forgive and Repent
•  How to Rebuild Trust in God


When you think of marriage, what comes to mind? What about a dating relationship or singleness? Our mental images have shaped our narratives surrounding our single/dating journeys. If our view is filled with negativity and failures, it’s way more difficult to believe for the opposite. Scripture says “without vision, people perish” so, it’s time to build a vision for the right relationship!

What You’ll Learn:
•  How to Create a Healthy Vision for Marriage
• How to Create a Thrilling Vision for Your Life


Familiarity makes us feel “safe”. But a lot of times, just because something feels “normal” doesn’t always mean that it is. It’s this sense of familiarity that can cause us to repeat unhealthy cycles in areas of our lives that mean the most to us- especially relationships. This isn’t always our fault though, culture has been feeding us lies for years trying to catch our attention. That’s why renewing our minds, understanding our season, and uncovering those “normal” lies is essential on this journey!

What You’ll Learn:
•  How to Operate in an Over-Sexualized Culture
•  How to Operate in an Over-Religious Culture
•  How to Define Your Relationships Preferences and Standards
•  How to Understand and Relate With the Opposite Sex


A healthy dating life or relationship doesn’t just “happen”. It takes intentionality, work, and an inner world that could actually sustain a successful relationship! We get that isn’t easy, we’re here to help. In this module, we’ll equip you with all the tips and tricks to thrive in the season you’re in- let’s do this!

What You’ll Learn:
•  How to Achieve Relational Momentum
•  How to Set (and Enforce!) Physical and Emotional Boundaries
•  How to Heal After Heartbreak
•  How to Maintain Hope
•  How to Know When You’re Ready for Marriage


This didn’t fit into our five core areas, but we wanted you to have it anyways. Join Caitlin and her husband, Cole, for a raw and honest conversation about sex and the expectations they carried into the marriage relationship… and how that affected their marriage.



Watch core videos on topics such to prepare you for healthy internal world leading to healthy dating and help navigating the dating world.


Beyond the core foundations we talk about those hot topics that we experience in the 21st century. Topics include online dating, trauma, dating as a leader, and much more.


Jump on live with us twice a month to ask your burning questions, get support and encouragement, and get guidance as you navigate the complex world of dating.


You don’t have to navigate dating alone! Connect and interact with other women in the Date Well program to find support and clarity.


   • Thrive in a season of singleness

   • Break free from unhealthy relationship cycles

   • Navigate dating with a community of like-minded people

   • Date without the fear of commitment or a “high stakes” mentality

   • Not have your past dictate your future relationships

   • Stop settling for second-best in relationships

   • Believe you’re worth fighting for


Listening to women share about their stories around sexuality from a place of victory and healing was so inspiring to me. So many of their experiences echoed my own, but where I have lived in the hidden world of pain and shame, these women have taken ownership of their past and done the courageous work of allowing God and others in to help them walk into a place of freedom. Seeing how these women declared God's lovingkindness and power to heal gave me the confidence to trust and believe, with fresh hope, that I too can own my story and accept my past, and walk into a future of freedom. Since the conference I have spoken up about my past with a friend and shared things that have been silenced for many years. I am choosing to own my story and allow God in with His redemptive power to transform.”
- Mel

4 years ago I was introduced by a friend to Moral Revolution, at the time I had just started therapy for childhood sexual trauma and sexual abuse - I was having panic attacks frequently and would not even let my guy friends or men in my life hug me. I was very shut down, emotionally and physically! Today, I’m married and am still learning, but I have walked through SO much healing! I am free from the trauma of my childhood and free in my relationships! I can be honest and open with my husband, and have healthy communication with my friends and family!

I can honestly say that moral revolution has been one of THE #1 contributors to my journey of healing concerning sexual abuse and healthy relationships in general. It has become a part of my life to take in what they share and learn how to apply it to my marriage and relationships! I am so grateful to this page for the MAJOR impact it has had in my life. It has carried into the impact that I now carry into my relationships with girls who are going through the same things I did!”

Moral Revolution finally gave me freedom from the shame I held inside from my past- now, I’m able to confidently share my story without fear of what people may think of me!

- Kaylee


The best guides are the ones who have been there before and are confident in the path that has got them there. With years of singleness, dating, engagement, marriage and walking others through it, teammates Caitlin & Sloane share their journeys vulnerably and with full exposure. Shameless, but empowered and free, they know firsthand how complex the pre-marriage season can be. With Sloane’s empowering encouragement and Cait’s big picture vision, you’re in good hands as we navigate together through singleness, dating, and everything in between.

Meet Your Coaches


Caitlin Zick had a profound moment at the age of sixteen where God called her out of a crowd and her life was forever changed. She learned her years of trauma in back seats, dark movie theaters and in-between the sheets would take her more years to get out of than it did to get into. She is passionate about turning up the truth in a culture that is drowning in lies. In a world that deems sex as casual she shares the story of how it was more like a casualty to her soul and then her journey to healing and freedom. Caitlin and her husband are the directors of Moral Revolution and share their marriage story of the not-so-picture-perfect honeymoon or first years of sexual bliss to start a healthy conversation and begin to unfold God’s design of sex. They have been married and in ministry for fourteen years and have four children.


With years of singleness, messy relationships, and heartbreak under her belt, Sloane’s learned firsthand how important it is to have someone in your corner- especially when it comes to dating. She wholeheartedly believes that at the core of every healthy dating journey is community that fights for, believes in, and points one another to Jesus. As a 25 year old navigating God, purity, and the present culture herself- she gets how hard it can be to find your “people”. That’s why she’s poured her heart into building the Date Well community! Sloane’s been in ministry for over 5 years and currently helps oversee the singles and dating portion of Moral Revolution.

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“Becoming whole is the sexiest thing you can do.”


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