Porn Is Lying To You - Sticker Pack (10)
Porn Is Lying To You - Sticker Pack (10)
Porn Is Lying To You - Sticker Pack (10)

Porn Is Lying To You - Sticker Pack (10)

Moral Revolution

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The sticker pack includes 10 stickers.
Each sticker is 4" x 2.75" (
10.16 x 7cm)

We are living in the perfect storm of sexual misinformation. Porn has revolutionized how and when humans “learn” what sex is. Once porn became accessible online for free, with nearly no restrictions to protect children, it wasn’t long before it became the most frequently accessed “educator” on sex. It is worst test-case for sex education in history.

The average person who looks at porn found it by the age of 12. Students in the UK acknowledge using porn intentionally to fill the voids in their own sexual education experience.

As much as 80% of current porn videos are violent and nearly all of them portray experiences that prioritizes the male’s carnal needs as opposed to a mutually fulfilling experience that empowers both. It is creating insatiable desires for more exotic and unrealistic experiences much like a substance abuse addiction.

Porn is conditioning people to view sex through the lens of self-satisfaction as opposed to intimate connection and this sex education experiment is destroying our ability as a species to experience the deep connections sex was meant to create.

Anyone who has been addicted knows that this might be the most truthful thing they have read all day.  Find out more at