MR Live: Cultura de Jesus

MR Live: Cultura de Jesus

Moral Revolution

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This series features two live teaching sessions by Havilah Cunnington. 

When you yes is set, your no is easy! Today, there are things vying for our time and attention that aren't actually healthy or part of God's best for us. When we belong to God, it changes things. In this message, Havilah explores the life of David and Jacob and examines the cost of having a set "yes" and a set "no" in our lives. Havilah helps us catch sight of God's original design and vision for our sexuality and empowers us to live it out in a practical way.

The moment you realize what is inside of you is the moment you start becoming all God's called you to be. He's created you for a purpose and placed His Spirit in you. The area of sexuality can feel like a place of weakness for some, but it doesn't have to be. In this message, Havilah challenges and inspires us to be a generation that allows God to show Himself strong in our lives by stewarding our sexuality and walking in purity.