Parenting sexuality doesn't have to feel overwhelming, scary, or intangible.


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Our kids are growing up at a time in history when culture is inundated with messages about sexuality that are neither true nor healthy. Parenting isn't an easy job on the best day, but with a moral crisis outside our front door, parenting our children in their sexuality can feel overwhelming at best. We want to equip parents with truth and tools that will help you develop a plan to win the hearts of your children, establish cultures of trust and safety, teach them about sexuality with confidence and respond well to the challenges they may face along the way.


The Parent Well Community begins with four main areas that help you establish your home culture.


Like it or not, a parent or caretaker's own sexual background is the framework from which we parent, unless a different course is intentionally charted. The home you had growing up and the environments that influenced you (home, school, church, community...) are what shaped a normal inside of your brain and it's the lens through which you view parenting sexuality. If you grew up in a silent culture of sex, for example, it will take work to undo that internal culture and grow comfortable having open and direct dialogue with your own children. Operating in self-awareness about where we've come from and possessing a drive to address it are keys to successfully and healthily parenting your own children well in the area of sexuality.


Some of you are taking this course in order to prepare for parenting sexuality while others of you are really "in it" with your children already. Regardless, as parents, we have to take an honest look at the current culture of our home and assess whether or not it is conducive to the type of leadership you desire to express in your home. Understanding how your children currently experience you and your leadership are crucial in order to make the necessary adjustments to having a home culture of trust an openness. As parents we also need to have a working knowledge of the influences that are already at play with our kids in the area of sexuality. We cannot address an issue we cannot identify.


This module will unpack the practicalities proactively laying a foundation of culture in your home that will make it possible to raise children to be powerful in a hyper-sexualized society. Knowing how and when to talk about sex with your children and having the ability to model connection, curiosity and communication with your children are mission-critical.


Establishing a healthy home culture of sexuality and character development is not a sure way to avoid having to address the tough stuff when it comes up. As parents, we have to be able to respond with connection rather than fear or control, even when we're presented with the scariest of scenarios! This module will unpack how to do just that.


We've brought in parents counselors authors a sexologist a professor step-parents single parents youth pastors experts grandparents to help you with these conversations.

Together, you have more than
years of parenting experience at your fingertips.

Meet Your Parenting GUIDES

Meet the Vallottons

Lauren is currently on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church in Redding, California where she has served in various roles since 2009. With roots in the deep south, Lauren has a B.A. in Communication Studies and Mass Media from Clemson University. With a knack for organizational leadership and strategy, she's fueled by her heart to see individuals, families, and cities transformed to display their greatest potential! Teaching and equipping the church in the realms of relational and emotional health have become passion points for Lauren, specifically after walking through her own journey of marriage and helping to raise her three incredible step children. She and her husband, Jason, have recently added a beautiful baby girl to the party, and Lauren's family continues to be her greatest joy and deepest fulfillment!

Jason’s heart is to see the emotional prosperity increase through pastoring, counseling, teaching and equipping. His insight and wisdom have brought powerful breakthrough to difficult situations for both leaders and families. Jason is on the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church in Redding, California and has been on staff there for over 15 years. Jason's primary role is to lead Bethel's men's ministry as the founder of BraveCo, a community of men committed to wholeness and brotherhood. He also co-oversees the Transformation Center, Bethel's counseling department. Jason and his wife Lauren have 5 children ranging from still in diapers to into the twenties and married.

Meet the Zicks

Caitlin had a profound moment at the age of sixteen where God called her out of a crowd and her life was forever changed. From that moment, she began to discover who she was as a daughter of God, fall in love with Jesus, and realize the power of the Holy Spirit in her life. Caitlin and her husband Cole became directors of Moral Revolution in 2017 and openly share their marriage story and first years of sex in marriage to start a healthy conversation and begin to unfold God’s design of sex. They have been married and in full-time ministry for eleven years and have started their own little zoo, known as #thezickzoo. You can find their wild on Instagram with their little animals: Caleb, Connor, Cade and Chloé Rose.

Cole is passionate about seeing the church come together to be effective and thrive in every area of life. He and his wife Caitlin currently serve as directors of Moral Revolution in Redding, California. With eleven years of marriage and ministry experience, they openly share their story and first years of sex in marriage hoping to start a healthy conversation and ultimately see others find freedom through their experience. They also created four children in five years, which gives insight into their love for chaos.

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