MR Live: A Rampa

MR Live: A Rampa

Moral Revolution

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Jason Vallotton and Havilah Cunnington share live at The Ramp in Hamilton, Alabama.

Walking in purity starts with deciding who you are going to be. In this message, Jason pulls from his own story as well as his years of experience as a counselor to equip and inspire us to commit to walk in freedom, no matter our past or current struggles. Sometimes we have to be willing to leave behind who we were to become who we're called to be.

Why consult the world about sexuality when God is the One who created it? In this message, Havilah teaches us about the three environments we grow up in regarding sexuality, the science of sex, and the role it plays in God's grand design. Our generation has been sold counterfeit sexuality, but ultimately we need to get back to the garden, where God placed one man and woman and gave them a beautiful gift with an intentional design.

You were born in this time and place for a reason. You have something inside of you this generation needs. In this message, Havilah teaches us how to combat the lies of the enemy and agree with the words God has spoken over our lives.