The Sex Talk

The Sex Talk

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We're here to equip you every step of the way.

Parenting with a Christian worldview in 2024 is anything but passive. Our culture brings constant assaults against God's design of family, sex, and purity – especially in the month of June.

You may find yourself thinking:

"Oh man, not again. How long will the rainbow caravan last this year?  I’m over it, but it’s hitting my kids harder and harder and it’s hard to keep up."

"I wish it was easier. I wish I could protect them. I wish I knew what to say."

"I wish I didn’t have to have these conversations so often..actually really at all. Can I just ignore it and hope it goes away?"

"How am I supposed to have conversations like this with my kids in an age-appropriate way?"

"I feel awkward enough talking to my kids about sex... how do I even start the conversation around Pride Month?"

These are the thoughts and comments we hear all the time from parents. The need for us as parents to engage in these conversations grows more evident all the time.

You can’t be silent. 

Your can’t ignore the conversations. 

You MUST be equipped to share God’s heart for sex and relationships with your kids.

It's your responsibility to paint a picture of what sex is supposed to be, what relationships are supposed to be, what families are supposed to be. Once your kids understand the the good and whole plan God created for sex and sexuality, it’s easier to address the broken versions that are on display in culture today today.

For your sake, we wish it was only one conversation, but God actually structured your family dynamics to be a relationship rather than a check list. This is so that you could be a safe place to mold and shape their worldview, walk with them, and answer their questions as they grow in relationships, sex, sexuality, and identity. 

We’re here to support you in that.

The Sex Talk will help you address your own hurdles to the conversation, create a culture of honesty, connection and safety over the topic of sex and sexuality, give practical conversations on what to say, and when, and how to navigate the LGBT topic this pride month and beyond. 


Join us for The Sex Talk online event and get equipped to talk to your kids about God's design for sex and sexuality.